About Us

Restore the Vista is a coalition of Portland citizens who want to remove the chain-link, razor wire fence on the historic Vista Bridge and replace it with an historically appropriate deterrent. Come join us.


Restore the Vista was pioneered by:


Denise Archer, MPA, Oregon Laurel’s Scholar, Leadership Fellow, Chair of Restore the Vista & Website Moderator.¬†Denise likes to play with bacteria. She makes yogurt, vinegar, kombucha and sourdough bread. Denise also secretly eats her son’s Halloween candy while he sleeps.


Bob Arkes, Representative, Neighbors West/Northwest Neighborhood Coalition; Treasurer, Goose Hollow Foothills League Neighborhood Association


Heidi Bell, Neighbor & Community Volunteer. Heidi grew up in NE Portland and is currently raising two children and volunteering for not-for-profit organizations.


Linda Cameron, Architect, AIA, LEED AP BD+C; Board Member, Goose Hollow Foothills League Neighborhood Association; Professional cat herder. A good time for Linda involves her five-year old, glitter, glue and lots of laughs.


Bill Failing, Board President of Oregon Historical Society; Capital Campaign Steering Committee Coordinator for the Oregon Rail Heritage Center; founding member of Vintage Trolley, Portland Streetcar, Architectural Heritage Center, French-American School; Chair of the Vista Bridge Light Brigade. Bill is a Portland native. He also owned and managed KKSN radio.


Karen Halvorsen, Neighbor. Karen was raised in Linnton and graduated from Lincoln High School. For over 20 years, Karen lived in NE Portland and raised her daughter there.


Bill Hawkins, FAIA, Semi-retired Architect, Historian & Author. Bill has a passion for the civilized plans that Olmsted Brothers Landscape Architects brought to Portland to make it a more livable and beautiful city for ALL of its inhabitants.


Leslie Johnson, Partner, Kent & Johnson LLP; Member of the House of Delegates of the Oregon State Bar; President, Goose Hollow Foothills League Neighborhood Association. Leslie is the owner of a law practice and sweet old office building in Goose Hollow Flats. She makes home near Cleveland High School in SE Portland and is also active in the Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood association. Leslie is loving what’s happening with our inner-city, dense, richly-varied neighborhoods.


Alice Meyer, Neighbor. Alice was born and raised an Eastsider (Fernwood and Grant High). She’s a long-time community volunteer.


Michael Molinaro, Architect & Furniture Designer; Chicago Chapter AIA Award; Lake Forest Preservation Award; Renovation of 18 Carnegie Libraries and 6 Landmark Libraries. Mike and his wife, Jan, recently moved from suburban Evanston, IL to near the Bagdad Theater for a more “urban” lifestyle. So far, it’s working great.


Peggy Moretti, Neighbor. A former marketing executive and business entrepreneur, Peggy is passionate about Place-making, preservation and adaptive re-use. Her current work in the nonprofit arena champions Oregon’s historic places and their cultural, environmental and economic value.


Chet Orloff, Manager, Pamplin International Collection of Art & History; Adj. Professor, Urban Studies & Planning, PSU; Adj. Instructor, School of Architecture, UO; President & Director, Museum of the City; Director Emeritus, Oregon Historical Society. Chet is a student of place and, as a historian, is deeply involved in local and regional planning efforts. He has served on neighborhood and district association committee and boards for nearly 40 years.


Sharon Paget, Neighbor. Sharon is simply… enjoying retirement…


Richard Potestio, Architect. Project awards are from the AIA, the City of Portland, the American Planning Institute and the Masonry and Ceramic Tile Institute. His public service includes board memberships with the Portland-Bologna Sister City Association, the Gresham Design Commission, the Metro Active Transportation Committee and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. He is an avid cyclist and founder of the Rivercity Bicycles CycloCross Crusade Series.


Jerald M. Powell, Retired City Planner & Community Organizer


Tracy J. Prince,¬†Ph.D. Scholar in Residence, PSU’s Portland Center for Public Humanities. Tracy is the author of Portland’s Goose Hollow and co-author of Portland’s Slabtown. She’s obsessed with the forgotten Native American history and Chinese vegetable gardens of Old Portland.


Bill Reilly, Goose Hollow-based Business Owner and Engineer; Vice President, Goose Hollow Foothills League Neighborhood Association; Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Blanchet House of Hospitality in Old Town. Bill’s family business has been based in Goose Hollow since the late 1970′s. The Reilly’s have been active supporters of the neighborhood and GHFL for many years. In his free time, Bill loves to golf and ski.


Scott Schaffer, Attorney; Board Member, Good Hollow Foothills League Neighborhood Association. In his free time, Scott judges gymnastics.


Paddy Tillett, FAIA, FRTPI, FAICP, RIBA, LEED AP BD+C; Accredited Professional in Sustainablility, Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. Before settling in Portland, Paddy sailed for 10 months, logging 14,000 miles of travel around the world.


Mary Valeant, Architect, LEED AP; Board Member, Goose Hollow Foothills League Neighborhood Association. In addition to her business, Mary is a full-time mom to two young children.


Jason Wehling, Software business owner underneath the Vista Bridge & Creator of Restore the Vista website. Jason is a born and raised Portlandian who once brought Noam Chomsky to this fine city of ours. Jason also started his business out of his bedroom.


Our friends include:



Thank you, contributors. Without you, this would not be possible: